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Controlling Diabetes with the Help of Dry Fruits

Controlling Diabetes with the Help of Dry Fruits

The number of diabetes patients in the world is continuously on the rise. As per the International Diabetes Federation, there are about 72 million individuals in India who live with diabetes. It is becoming a matter of concern in recent times. There are several causes of diabetes.

It includes genetics, obesity, tobacco and alcohol usage, excess consumption of trans fats and processed foods, and much more. In order to manage serious health conditions, most people take medicines and control their diet. Moreover, healthcare professionals also recommend leading an active lifestyle and avoiding stress can help in controlling diabetes.

But have you ever thought of controlling diabetes with the help of dryfruits? Well, it may come as a surprise to you! However, dry fruits can actually work wonders for individuals with diabetes. Wondering how? The answer to this is that dry fruits help in enhancing the nutrient profile and controlling the factors that lead to diabetes.

Dry Fruits to Control Diabetes

Not all dry fruits are good for diabetic patients. Are you thinking of dry fruits that can control diabetes? In that case, here is the complete list.

  • Dates

When it is about dry fruits that can control diabetes, khajoor or dates tops the list. Diabetic patients usually crave to have something sweet. But they are usually denied the sweet items. However, the good news is that next time you have serious cravings for sweets; you can have some dates. Dates are an excellent and natural alternative to sugar. Adding dates to your diet can help in controlling sugar effectively.

  • Almonds

Many people consume almonds to moisturize skin and enhance digestion. Almonds are also known to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the body. But did you know it can also help in controlling diabetes? Yes, it does help in lowering the risk of diabetes!

It aids in keeping the blood sugar levels of individuals under control, thereby controlling diabetes. However, make sure to eat only a handful of almonds to avoid putting up weight. If you do not want to consume almonds directly, you can consider sprinkling them on your bowl of cereal and having it for breakfast.

  • Pistachios

Pistachios or pista is another dry fruit that can help in controlling the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients. It is rich in monounsaturated fats, fibers, essential minerals, and vitamins. The presence of monounsaturated fats makes them an ideal choice for diabetic patients. It helps in controlling high sugar levels and high blood pressure.

Moreover, it can even prove to be helpful in improving your cardiovascular performance. The best thing is that you can consume pistas in a number of different ways. You can add it as a dressing on the soups and salads. Or, you can add them as a topping to your bowl of cereals for your breakfast. It can even be consumed as energy bars for your evening snacks.

  • Walnuts

Walnuts are crunchy and delicious to eat. It is another excellent dry fruit for effectively controlling the blood sugar of diabetic patients. Walnuts are rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and even proteins. However, what makes walnuts a great choice for diabetic patients is the presence of ALA or alpha-lipoic acid. It proves to be helpful in controlling diabetes.

Moreover, it can help in effectively lowering inflammation among individuals with diabetes. If you are type-2 diabetic, then you must have experienced inflammation. Inflammation often affects the quality of life of individuals. The good news is that by consuming walnuts, it can become easy for you to get rid of inflammation and lower the risks of diabetes.

  • Cashews

Cashews are a favourite dry fruit of many people. However, fewer people actually know about the benefits of this dry fruit for individuals with diabetes. In a study, type-2 diabetes people were given cashew-supplemented meals, and the result was quite surprising. It helped in lowering the HDL cholesterol and blood pressure level of the people in 12 weeks.

It kept the blood sugar level of the individuals under control. However, cashews are also rich in fat. Therefore, make sure to consume just the recommended amount on a daily basis. This can help you avoid the chances of gaining weight and facing additional issues. Buy cashew online now at our official store. 

  • Raisins

Raisins are also an ideal dry fruit for controlling diabetes. Raisins are known as an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants. They can help in effectively keeping the blood sugar levels of diabetes patients under check. So, if you are diabetic, consuming some raisins daily can prove to be beneficial for you.

  • Berries

When it is about dry fruits for controlling diabetes, you cannot forget the dry berries. They are an excellent choice for diabetic patients. They are rich in antioxidants and fiber content. You can simply add the berries to non-fat yogurt and have it as your dessert. Some healthy berries are Blueberries, Cranberries, Raspberries, Gojiberries, Strawberries, Grapes. etc


Controlling the blood sugar levels is a major concern for most diabetic patients. If you are a diabetic patient, you know the pain. You might be taking a lot of medicines and maintaining a strict diet plan. However, if you want to control diabetes in a natural way, consuming dry fruits can help. In some cases you will have to take medical professional advice before consuming dry fruits as you can be allergic to some of them. It will not only control your diabetes but also provide you with various additional benefits. So, start eating the dry fruits listed above and leading a healthy life.
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