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Diet Plan to Beat the Heat during Summer

Diet Plan to Beat the Heat during Summer

Beat the heat! Summer is the season where you need to take extra care of your health. And as per the health experts, this is the right time for everyone to detox their bodies. Why? Well, heat supports the natural detoxification of your body. But while focusing on this, you will also have to keep in mind that summer can increase your body temperature, causing fatigue, dehydration as well as heat stroke.

However, you can eliminate these things and detoxify your body to stay healthy just by following a healthy diet plan. You should change your diet or eating pattern based on the weather, your job, lifestyle, and location. To help you out with this, we have listed down some easy steps that can help you to stay fit during the summers.

Drink Sufficient Amount of Water

It has been seen that both adults and kids forget to drink a sufficient amount of water. And most teenagers, instead of drinking water, drink aerated drinks. That is not good for your health. Water can keep your body cool, preventing dehydration. If possible, drink one glass of coconut water. It has amazing cooling properties and comes with natural electrolytes and minerals. So, add this to your diet plan to keep yourself fresh and healthy during this summer. 

It’s Time to Eat Vegetables, Fruits, and Salads

Summer is the time when you get a chance to eat different types of fruits, especially watermelon. Such fruits provide you with internal cooling and also work as a thirst quencher. On the other hand, some summer fruits have more than 90 percent water. The best part is that vegetables and fruit salads are very easy to digest. You should avoid consuming processed foods or fried items. If you are looking for healthy options, try our dry figs, munakka, green raisin, walnut and more. 

Use Fewer Spices in Your Cooked Food

There is no doubt that spices can elevate the flavor and taste of your food. But eating too many spices can lead to different health issues, for example, vomiting, rapid heart rate, stomach issues, and more. So, this summer, try to use fewer spices while cooking your food. Well, there is no issue in using the right amount of turmeric and ginger as they can lower your cholesterol levels.

Lower The Consumption of Sugar

Sugar has become a common ingredient in every kitchen. But the fact is eating too much sugar can lead to diabetes, obesity, and blood pressure. This, in turn, can increase the risk factors for cardiovascular or heart issues. Instead of using sugar, it's time to try out some healthy alternatives, for example, honey. You can find some healthy alternatives, like cashew cranberry if you love to have some sweets after your dinner.

Increases Body Liquid Intake

There are different homemade drinks that can be prepared without using sugar, such as kokum water, basil seeds drink, pineapple juice, orange juice, cucumber coolant, and more. You can easily find different mouth-watering and refreshing summer drink recipes online. Give them a try.

Use Less Oil When Cooking

When you use more oil, your body will get more fat, and this, in turn, will put pressure on your digestive system. In the long run, you may suffer from anuses, diarrhea, bloating, stomach pain, and more. Eating oily food can also lead to weight gain. As per the experts, you can use olive oil, which is a healthy oil. It supports your health and comes with antioxidants and healthy monounsaturated fats.

Summer Is All About Eating Yogurt and Curd

Curd or yogurt is extremely cool and light, and it can help you to tackle humidity and heat during the summer. Drinking buttermilk can help you to keep your body cool. It tastes good and also offers many health benefits as it has riboflavin, potassium, Vitamin A, probiotics, and more.

A Healthy Diet Plan for Summer

For Breakfast

You can eat an omelet made of eggs and veggies like mushroom, tomato, and onion. Or you can eat fruit salad. If you want to add some sweet items, then you can go for cashew or almond strawberry Choco dip

For Lunch

Eating one to two rotis along with a salad or veggies can work great. If possible, you can eat barbecued salmon.

For Snack

Go for healthy and freshly baked cookies or oats. Find a complete range of healthy snacks online Besides, you can also go for beaten moong, roasted potato flakes, or roasted chiwda. All these are some healthy options.

For Dinner

Keep your dinner light and eat steamed fish, stir-fried veggies, or grilled chicken prepared using olive oil.

Change Your Lifestyle

You can’t follow a normal lifestyle throughout the year, and you should change it based on the weather. During summers:

  • Try to wake up a little early and enjoy your morning walks.
  • Use light clothes made of cotton and wear light colors, such as gray, white, etc.
  • Don’t stop exercising and practice different deep breathing techniques.
  • Don’t forget to eat your meals on time.
  • Drink water and keep your body moisturized.
  • While going out, use sunscreen.

Stay Away from Carbonated or Caffeinated Items

Such drinks have sugar and different preservatives that can cause serious health issues. Consuming them daily can increase the phosphorus level in your body. So, stop using them.

Raw Mangos Are Good

Raw mango supports a healthy heart and lowers the risk of developing cancer. Besides, it helps your body to kill summer heat. You can drink raw mango juice to maintain a sufficient level of electrolytes in your body.

Some Common Vegetables and Fruits for Summer

  • Mushrooms

If possible, try to eat Cremini mushrooms which are rich in different nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins. They taste good.

  • Berries

You can eat cranberry, raspberry, blackberry, or strawberry as they can keep your body cool. You can create a healthy drink using berries.

  • Jackfruit

This food can improve your immunity while maintaining your blood pressure level. You can consume this as a shake.

  • Zucchini

This is popular as a great hydrating food. Besides, it has Vitamin C and A along with healthy fiber to keep your body healthy during summers.

  • Cucumber

You can’t ignore cucumber. They are hydrating and can offer required nutrients, fiber, folic acid, and Vitamin A and Vitamin C to your body. You can make a salad using cucumbers and can eat it raw.

  • Tomatoes

This vegetable is a natural source of antioxidants and is good for your skin. You can consume it by using it in sandwiches or salad.

Follow these steps, and you can keep your body cool and healthy this summer.
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