Pudina Makhana

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Delight your taste buds with our Pudina Makhana – a savory twist to the classic snack of popped lotus seeds. Infused with the refreshing flavor of mint (Pudina), these crunchy delights offer a unique blend of traditional goodness and contemporary taste. Perfectly seasoned and guilt-free, our Pudina Makhana is a must-have for those seeking a wholesome, flavorful snack.

Weight: 250g POUCH

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Minty Freshness: Experience the invigorating flavor of pudina (mint) with every bite, adding a zingy and refreshing dimension to your snacking experience.

Crunchy Goodness: Lightly roasted to perfection, our Makhana retains its inherent crunchiness, making it a satisfying and wholesome alternative to conventional snacks.

Nutrient-Packed: Makhana, also known as fox nuts, is a nutrient-rich snack that is low in calories and high in essential nutrients. The addition of mint enhances both the taste and nutritional profile.

  • Roasted Makhana

  • Pudina Masala Seasoning

  • Rock Salt

  • A Pinch of Olive Oil for Seasoning

For detailed allergen information, please refer to the packaging.

Store in Clean, Cool, Dry place. Free from Moisture, Humidity, Insects, Pest, Direct Sunlight & Dust. For optimal freshness, reseal the package after each use.

Enjoy the Pudina Makhana within 6 months of purchase for the best flavor and texture.

Q: Can I use these Makhana as a topping for salads or soups?
A: Absolutely! The crunchy texture and minty flavor make them a delightful addition to salads, soups, or even yogurt.

Q: What makes these Makhana special?
A: Our Pudina Makhana is crafted with care, using premium lotus seeds and a blend of spices for a unique and satisfying snacking experience.

Q: Are these Makhana suitable for those with dietary restrictions?
A: These Makhana are gluten-free and soy-free, making them suitable for a variety of dietary preferences. However, please check the allergen information for specific concerns.